Some old school throwbacks, here are the ones I was lucky to have photos of. I have to thank my mom for showing up all the time with her camera. She was not thrilled with my passion with doing graffiti but if I was going to do it she was going to be right their. I had no choice and honestly happy I was never embraced that my mom would show up. I actually looked forward to them coming. Did you see what I did!


I’m fortunate on many levels for my mom and dads involvement. Then the luck I had to be immersed by local legends, Skew, Crayone, and finally got noticed by Neon who saw me struggle and toke me under his wing. Just a youngster with a black book, a mechanical pencil, design markers, and couple of cans of Krylon I fell in love. I ate breathed and shit graffiti. Three rules lie cheat and steal no excuses if you really want to do this nothing can stop you. Heavy Metal Hip Hop and Classical music cause of my dad inspired me. I later had the honer of meeting all the NY LA and EU legends and painted with some of my childhood heroes. When you look at my design work today this is one of the main elements that taught me the basics. Graffiti and School Of The Arts program which was in a rough high school opened many doors where I could have easily been a targeted victim. Graffiti was the identity that gave me so many things. I learned through graffiti that you use your identity to sell yourself and prove value. At 19 drawing in a coffee shop in North Beach Steps of Rome is where I met Brian Collins head of the Levi’s Design Team at Foote Cone and Belding. I was asked to do an informal presentation of my graffiti work to a group of peers for a possible project. I’ve been a real life experience learner all my life. If I talked about it I’d do it. So I begged for an internship and full circle my professional career started as a graphic designer. Graffiti had taught me so much by making art projects for myself that allowed me to practice art theory that I learned in school. Later I used graffiti as the subject that taught me all the computer skills and express the theories I learned on the job. This is why I celebrate being different. - MISK1 -